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I have managed my own personal social media accounts as well as accounts for businesses. I understand how to monitor activity using Twitter and Facebook Analytics for growth and promotion opportunities. I have experience using the HootSuite dashboard to manage and post content during effective times to best reach followers.


Public Speaking | Interpersonal Skills

I have learned how to convey information to people clearly and simply and listen empathetically. I am a confident and persuasive speaker in public. I am able to hold a professional and intellectual conversation and make a connection with anyone I meet.


Creative Writing | HTML/CSS Language | AP Style | Multimedia Writing

I have developed the ability to write professionally and creatively. I have a deep appreciation for clear and concise writing that clearly communicates a message. Additionally, I am fluent in basic HTML and CSS structure with help from Codeacademy and Dreamweaver.


Consumer Behavior | Business-to-Business | New Product Development | International

Through my marketing courses, I have developed analytical knowledge, team playing skills, and decision-making skills. I have experience in developing a marketing strategy and delivering a successful marketing pitch.


Photoshop | InDesign | Dreamweaver

During my Style and Design capstone course and the creation of my website, I learned how to navigate and use creative software to design projects and for coding. Most of the projects in my portfolio were created using the Adobe Creative Cloud software.


Organization | Time Management | Competitive | Efficient | Attentive | Confident | Outgoing | Driven | Prioritizing | Multitasking

I believe professional skills are as important, if not more important, as technical skills. Balancing academics, work, and maintaining a social life allowed me to establish a reliable set of skills. My career at Auburn University assures me I am prepared to work in the professional world.

"I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men."
-George Petrie, (The Auburn Creed)

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