About My Experience

Beginning in my first semester at Auburn University, I was drawn to studying public relations because of the broad opportunities the field offers. This path has enabled me to explore the many areas the field encompasses while developing skills throughout my academic career. My coursework projects provided me with experience in researching and developing public relations strategies for actual clients. I have gained additional experience through communication elective courses and studying a minor in marketing. These communication courses helped me enhance my ability as a speaker, and I gained new perspectives from communicating with different groups of people. I chose to study a minor in marketing because it often coincides with public relations in business. Because of my accompanied minor, I am capable of analyzing business data and developing a marketing plan. My academic career prepared me for internships to utilize my knowledge of public relations. In acquiring hands-on experiences, I have advanced my skills as a communicator and a writer. I gained experience in writing for a variety of clients while participating in an internship with Inner Spark Creative. My resume also includes experience in creating content on social media, online marketing, and public speaking. I have worked in small business advertising, retail sales, as an organization ambassador, and in leadership positions on campus and within my sorority. My opportunities at Auburn allowed me to develop a strong work ethic and professional skills while discovering the path I plan to take after graduating. I have realized my strengths in communicating effectively and constructing valuable relationships, and I aspire to work in a field that allows me to perform in these areas every day. Take a glance at my online resume or download a PDF to learn more about my experience and the skills I can offer.

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