I created my personal logo using Adobe CC Photoshop. I used the “clipping mask” feature on Photoshop to create the gold foil overlay from an image. In my tutorial project, I demonstrate how to use this feature to fill text from an image. To view this tutorial, visit my portfolio and see the other projects I have created.

I chose to border my logo with double circles which symbolize eternity because there is no beginning and no end. The circles represent the eternal life that Jesus promises to his children when they accept a personal relationship with Christ. In this season of life, I have experienced the most challenging and yet rewarding times. In everything, I find my hope in the constant faithfulness from Christ alone.

The letters inside the circles represent my initials of my full name, Montana Skye Savage. I think initials are simple, and I wanted to create a logo that portrays simplicity. Being from the Southeast, I have learned to value the simple life of living in small rural town.

I picked the color gold because it is timeless and classy. In addition, I used the script font ‘Mantana’ to reflect my feminine style. The gold foil is a gorgeous art trend that I used to incorporate my chic sense of style. My personal logo can be seen at the bottom of every page of my website in hopes that it will leave a memorable impression as you leave my page.

montana savage logo