My Interactive Resume

An interactive PDF (Portable Document Format) brings a plain document to life with clickable features, page transitions, sound, external links, and colorful design. Interactive forms are more engaging and create a new experience to inform readers.

I chose to create an interactive PDF version of my resume to showcase the important things to know about me. This version of my resume offers a visually-appealing and modern alternative to viewing a traditional resume. I designed my interactive resume using Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign and included clickable buttons that transition you to other pages within the document as well as external links.

My interactive resume features 10 pages including my profile, education, involvement, experience, skills, and my contact information. I decided to use my personal photos in my project to reflect my personality and to show who I am. I wanted to keep my interactive PDF cohesive with my website by using the same color accents neutrals and gold throughout.

On my contact page, I included social media buttons that will take you directly to my personal pages to show you a little more about my life and what I love to do. Feel free to contact me by clicking on my email address to leave me a message. I would love to hear from you!

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