Twitter Analytics Infographic


Twitter Analytics

This infographic was made using Canva. I chose to create an infographic to inform users how to use and understand Twitter Analytics to track the results of their tweets. This semester I am taking a Social Media and Public Relations course. The purpose of this course is to examine how new social media impacts public relations strategies. Part of our curriculum for this class is to actively tweet about topics related to social media marketing. Each week throughout the semester, we are given a topic to find two related articles or blogs and share them on our twitter account using the course title in a hashtag. We also reply to two of our classmates’ tweets offering feedback. Every two weeks we track our Twitter activity to understand our followers. The purpose of analyzing our tweets and learning when our activity receives the most attention is to optimize our results in the future.

Twitter Analytics is a useful resource for companies striving to grow their business. Businesses can use Twitter Analytics to set goals and track their results in a timely and accurate manner. The Campaign Dashboard is one analytic feature that tracks the results of Twitter Ads. This tool is specifically designed for business promotional purposes. To begin using the Twitter Analytics campaign dashboard, it is important to first understand the basics of the results you need to optimize your Twitter activity. The infographic I created explains the four basic techniques you can track on your campaign dashboard.

I hope my infographic serves helpful to those considering using Twitter Analytics to grow their business. Social media is continually changing to create new ways to market on social media. Thankfully, there are many resources available to monitor the content shared on these platforms. To learn more about Twitter Analytics, click on the infographic to read more about it.

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