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Campaigns for Public Relations is a required course of all public relations students before they graduate from Auburn University. The purpose of this course is to apply theory, research data, and problem-solving techniques in the development of comprehensive public relations strategies.

During the semester, Auburn University partnered with the Ketchum Corporation to allow public relations students to create a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative for their clients. Throughout the semester, we worked with Ketchum employee, Ronnie Tolson, to communicate our progress of the project.

We were divided into groups of four people, and my group chose the Hershey Company as our client because they are a widely-known company and well-loved for their chocolate products. Our goal was to strategically plan a campaign specifically for Reese’s brand. The first step in creating a strategic campaign for our client was to conduct internal and external research on the Hershey Company to understand their current CSR initiatives. Our research findings allowed us to identify opportunities for the Hershey Company to expand their CSR initiatives. We collaborated and identified the issue of the lack of physical activity in younger generations and ways to encourage participation in outdoor recreation. The main purpose of the campaign was to create motivation for customers to spend time outdoors.

The next step in creating our campaign was to develop a situational analysis. We researched existing strategies of the Hershey Company that promoted healthy lifestyles. Then we researched similar campaigns that partnered with different companies and brands to promote physical activity outdoors. This also included conducting primary research. We administered an online survey through Qualtrics to determine the amount of time the general population spends indoors and outdoors. Then we conducted a focus group of participants that were a part of different student groups at Auburn. Our goal for this group was to determine attitudes held by the general public towards Reese's brand and its association with outdoor activity.

Our campaign would be executed through a scavenger hunt series called “Hunt for The Cup” and through social media engagement using the hashtag #PackAReeses promoting the Reese’s Snack Mix product.

To learn more about my campaign project, click on the image to view the online publication or the PDF version. You will find details of our campaign execution and social media strategy.

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