Animated GIF


Wake Surfing

An animated Graphic Interchange Format or commonly known as GIF is a graphic image on a web page that moves. These animations can be created to loop endlessly or just for a few cycles. I chose to create my GIF of an endlessly looping wake surfer.

I wanted to create an animation of something I never get tired of watching. During the summer, I love being at the lake because of the calming feeling I get when I am there. My lake trips usually involve sleeping in and riding in the boat until the sun goes down. Occasionally, I like to take my turn at water sports, but my favorite sport to watch on the water is wake surfing. I enjoy that it’s slow paced, but still impressive so as to hold my attention. Hopefully, one day I will master how to wake surf, but for now, I will never grow tired of watching people wake surf.

To create my animated GIF I used Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop. To begin, I uploaded the wake surfing video to my computer then imported the video frames to layers in Photoshop. Next, I selected the part of the video I wanted to use and then trimmed the rest of the video. After that, I then limited the video to how many frames per second I wanted it to be and tested the speed of the loops to create the movement. Finally, I exported my GIF, changed the loop setting to infinite, and saved my work. I hope you enjoy watching my GIF as much as I do!

To view my GIF in maximum size, click on the animation to view it on full screen.

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