Discovering Magazine Cover



My magazine features a compilation of stories about students who have discovered their path since their time at Auburn University. Their stories depict the discoveries of their chosen path through the things they are most passionate about. I named the title of my magazine, Discovering, inspired by the paths these students have taken to make a difference and impact the lives around them. College is often defined as the time for people to discover themselves and their purpose in the world. Each story is unique from one another, however, they all offer inspiration and fulfillment.

The content of my magazine was written over the course of the semester for the Auburn Family website. Auburn Family is the University’s social network that features blogs and videos posted by current students for prospective students and their parents to visit. In my magazine, you will find a short note to the readers and an overview about the editor. The table of contents will direct you to the different stories in the magazine. Every story is illustrated with pictures to show the personalities of the person whom the story is about.

I designed my magazine with the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign. I chose a simple and pure theme for my magazine that also mirrored the theme of the website. I stuck with four colors: white, light grey, deep blue, and blush pink. I used minimalistic font styles that were striking yet simple. Preset heading and body styles created cohesiveness with every page. After I finally reached my imagined style and design of my magazine, I published it online.

I hope you enjoy reading my magazine and find inspiration from each story. To read my magazine, click below to view the full spread.

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